Meet the Team


Nancy Greer MD PhD
Dr. Nancy Greer

Pediatrician, MD PHD

Mallory Mehl FNP
Mallory Mehl FNP

Family Nurse Practitioner

Sarah Wilson Provider
Sarah Wilson PNP

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Neha Vaitha - Meet the Team
Dr. Neha Vaitha

Pediatrician, MD

Medical Staff

Paige Eller LPN - Medical Staff
Paige Eller LPN

Licensed Practical Nurse
Nurse Team Lead Coordinator (TLC)

Edna Terry MA - Medical Staff
Edna Terry MA

Medical Assistant

Jenny Flores MA - Medical Staff
Jenny Flores MA

Medical Assistant

Laura Gonzales MA - Medical Staff
Laura Gonzales MA

Medical Assistant

Vanessa Rascon Montez MA - Medical Staff
Vanessa Rascon Montez MA

Medical Assistant

Administrative Staff

Lisa Rizzuto - Administrative Staff
Lisa Rizzuto

Office Manager

Crystal Shank - Administrative Staff
Crystal Shank

Front Desk
Team Lead Coordinator (TLC)

Tammy Ingram - Administrative Staff
Tammy Ingram

Team Lead Coordinator

Donna Stoeklen - Administrative Staff
Donna Stoeklen


Sabrina Rizzuto - Administrative Staff
Sabrina Rizzuto


Ashlee Rizzuto - Administrative Staff
Ashlee Rizzuto


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